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Chestburster: Slime And Guilt

Sludge-driven Finnish rockers head straight into a ditch

Not to be confused with the berserk Essex three-piece of the same name, this particular Chestburster hail from Kouvola in Finland.

You’d think that its population of 86,302 would be a sufficient number from which to form a decent band, but apparently this is not the case, because Slime And Guilt is, for the most part, bloody awful. It doesn’t help that the guitarist is a notably better player than the rest of the band, or, indeed, that English isn’t the singer’s first language, which leads to some awkward lyrics on tracks like Experienced Virgin.

But more unfortunate is that Chestburster seem to know what goes into making a good rock band in the vein of say, The Hellacopters, and they simply don’t have it. Sure, the blues-driven Gas Station Pilgrim gets close, but only insomuch as it’s vaguely decent as opposed to downright terrible.

A great band to go to a gig with, just not one of their gigs.