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Carmine & Vinny Appice: Drum Wars Live!

Carmine to the right of you, Vinny to the left.

If you were weaned on 20-minute drum solos, or you like your rock shows laced with WWE-style gladiatorial glitz, then you’ll relish this percussive bombast.

The Appice brothers have revived and updated the drum battle, a showboating razzmatazz pioneered by jazz drummers Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa in the 1950s. The brothers’ diverse careers have Black Sabbath in common, with Carmine (beating the shit out of your right speaker) taking the Ozzy route and Vinny (ditto, left) taking the Dio route.

So when they’re not locked in combat they’re thrashing their way through Holy Diver and Crazy Train. But the audio is only half the battle – this should really have been a DVD./o:p