Caïna: Earth Inferno

Black metal experimentalist gets his measurements right

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Returning after a brief hiatus, one-man black metal militant Caïna has found himself at the crest of two waves, as post-rock and black metal continue to collide in numerous exciting ways.

Earth Inferno, a five-track EP limited to a run of 100 cassettes through excellently monikered label Church Of Fuck, combines previously unreleased material with one new track, and achieves a more malevolently cohesive meld of the two subgenres than many in the recent milieu of blast/quiet dynamics.

Teeth Eating Teeth is a ferociously staccato example, on the surface pounding along with the hallmark buzz and croak of early second-wave black metal, but beneath seething with an undercurrent of electronic dissonance, which reaches its most vehement on Conqueror Worm. These deftly juxtaposed compositions acknowledge glories past while taking bold steps forward, possessing that oft-sought, rarely found quintessence necessary for truly vital black metal throughout.

With the prospect of a full album due in 2014, Earth Inferno serves as a malignantly glorious forewarning of what is to come.