Bring Me The Horizon: Live At Wembley

Sheffield ragers go big for the small screen

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Ten years ago, if someone had said to you: “One day Bring Me The Horizon are going to headline Wembley,” you’d have spat in their face and pulled their pants down for being so silly.

But now the joke is on you and there’s a DVD to prove it! Harnessing the powerful and no doubt extortionate production of the night itself, this is a showcase of everything the Steel City screamers can muster, and then some.

They’ve come a long way from the dive shows on their infamous Lads On Tour movie, and are packing literal fire into one of the UK’s biggest venues. The energy of the masses and the band is palpable as the giant walls of death collide across London, but more attention could be paid to the chaos on the floor when not under Oli Sykes’ command, as it gets vicious. Onstage, though, there’s something heartwarming about seeing a bunch of 20-somethings giving hell with the word ‘CUNT’ in 40ft letters behind them, but it’s the kaleidoscopic visuals, the arena-filling breakdowns and the goosebump-inducing confetti ending that solidifies the fact that this is how British metal will evolve into the 21st century.