Breed 77: The Evil Inside

Gibraltar’s metal survivors still seeking solid ground

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After so many years battling against the odds, it would be easy for everyone’s fave Gibraltar band to ease off and tread water. But The Evil Inside suggests they are as enthusiastic as ever about making music to challenge themselves.

This, their sixth album, isn’t uniformly brilliant, but there are some stunning moments. Opener Drown has a formidably heavy riff. Slightly more sedate is Bring On The Rain, which starts with a Spanish guitar interlude before a rousing chorus takes flight. As the song talks about the desperate state of the planet, the music acts as a form of counterbalance to the subject matter, making the lyrics even sharper.

Motionless is an epic track that allows the musicianship to shine, and Fear has a dark momentum. There are some more prosaic moments that prevent this from being perfect, but Breed 77 are still in there, toughing it out like champions.