B&W Zeppelin Wireless speaker review

The experts' verdict on the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless speaker

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The Bowers & Wilkins Wireless speaker might come with a weighty asking price, but for the quality, it's worth every penny. The sound quality is superb thanks to its reinforced body and mid-range cones, meaning you'll have no problems with distortion or crackling – perfect for all you audiophiles. But how does it compare to other wireless speakers on the market? The wonderful people at TechRadar and What Hi-Fi gave us the lowdown.

What Hi-Fi say...

Praising the B&W Wireless as "the best Zeppelin yet," What Hi-Fi award the speaker with a whopping five-star review. 

In fact, the guys at our sister brand are fairly gushing about the B&W Zeppelin Wireless, describing it as having a timeless quality and is still a great option for the asking price, despite being a few years old.

"More expensive speakers might have more to offer when it comes to timing, drive and overall authority," they say, "but at £500, this is one of the most talented wireless speakers we’ve heard."

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TechRadar say...

Just like What Hi-Fi, the TechRadar team have high praise for the B&W Zeppelin Wireless speaker, with particular notice paid to its looks and crisp sound, similar to previous B&W Zeppeling speakers.

Noting that eight years after the original incarnation of the Zeppelin Air, the B&W Zeppelin Wireless rocks "the same airship aesthetic as its forebears" and "an even higher level of audio quality to wireless streaming market."

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