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ATLANTER Jewels of Crime

Genre-defying group release their sophomore effort.

Not another Norwegian band playing a weird-ass mix of African desert-blues, Mississippi grooves and mid-70s Krautrock, we hear you cry. Talk about following the pack…

If you’re still reading this, hang in there. Atlanter might not be your average blues-rock combo, but they make a mish-mash of disparate influences sound like the most natural combination on earth. From the more straight-ahead Delta blues tracks, like Love Shine and Wear The Rag, to the African beats of the title track, it’s a remarkably coherent album. And for those of you who love a bit of prog and mid 70s German rock, there’s the slightly trippy Jareeze.

Ultimately, Jewels Of Crime goes beyond the usual blues tropes to deliver a tracklisting that’s moody, atmospheric and cinematic in scope. In a world dominated by Stevie Ray wannabes, that can only be a good thing.