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Zero chance of S.O.D reunion says Scott Ian

Scott Ian has confirmed that S.O.D will never get back together as the iconic thrash band hits its 30th anniversary.

Ian says there will be another release from The Damned Things – the supergroup he formed with Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy, Rob Caggiano of Volbeat and Keith Buckley and Josh Newton of Every Time I Die.

He tells Overdrive: “It could take five years to make and get released, but there definitely will be another record from The Damned Things.

“We’re all friends and that’s why it started in the first place. Joe and I put this together out of our friendship and from just hanging out. We started writing songs and as we are all really good friends with each other, it is most likely gonna happen again.”

Anthrax tour the US with Lamb Of God, Deafheaven and Power Trip in January and February. Their 11th album For All Kings will be released on February 26.