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Wolfsbane, Deathstars and more on the Metal Hammer Radio Show tonight

Bloody hell, April is almost over – what have we been doing all year?! Oh yeah... bringing you quality heavy metal in all its guises, and tonight is no exception. We're packing a lot of exciting new tunes into one show and you'd be a bit of a wally to miss it.

Tonight the debut comes from the English hard rock heroes Wolfsbane, and we’re spinning the new song from Slayer as well as Machine Head’s new demo. There’ll also be killer tracks from Deathstars, Gojira, Destrage, Anti-Mortem, Messenger, Wilson and Arcane Roots.

But, as ever, there’s more to the Metal Hammer Radio Show than music. While on our daily travels we heard about the Peter Glazebrook – the Nottinghamshire giant vegetable grower – who has grown a 60lb cauliflower! His other veggie achievements include a 97lb marrow and a 21ft long beetroot. Which, naturally, got us thinking – what’s your biggest achievement? What one thing do you own/collect and keep and is your one source of pride over any other? We’ve got a hanky that Lemmy sneezed into once, but we’re not sure if we’re proud of it.

Tune in to Team Rock Radio online or on DAB tonight at 9pm.

Luke Morton