"Oh my god!" Watch 'dwarf metal' band Wind Rose surprise two fans at an airport who were wearing their merch without knowing the band were right behind them

Wind Rose and their fans
(Image credit: Wind Rose: press, Fans: TikTok (windroseband))

Viking metal. Pirate metal. Hell, we even have goblin metal. So, we really shouldn't be too surprised that dwarf metal has very much been a thing over the past few years, chiefly thanks to Italian power metallers Wind Rose, who exploded in popularity after the release of their cover of beloved, silly viral hit Diggy Diggy Hole in 2019. Since then, the band's popularity has continued to grow, leading to bigger shows around the world and an army of fans in their wake.

Recently, however, two Wind Rose fans got a very welcome surprise after the band spotted one of them wearing their merch while queuing at an airport. In a video since posted to Wind Rose's socials, singer Francesco Cavalieri, queuing behind the two fans, can be seen chuckling before jovially complimenting one of them on their t-shirt. The two metalheads give a polite nod in response before committing an almighty double take upon realising who they're talking to.

"Oh my god!" beams the male fan before shaking hands with the singer. His female companion follows suite, before camera phones are whipped out and some souvenir photos are taken. Lovely stuff.

Watch the wholesome interaction below.


♬ Army of Stone - Wind Rose

Wind Rose formed in Pisa, Tuscany in 2009, releasing their debut album, Shadows Over Lothadruin, three years later. Originally dabbling in the kind of progressive-flavoured epic metal favoured by the likes of Symphony X and Dream Theater, the five-piece eventually embraced the full-on power metal cheese, ramping up their Dwarven mischief and seemingly striking gold with their Diggy Diggy Hole cover. The track now has more than 50 million streams on Spotify alone. 

The band's latest album, Warfront, is out now via Napalm Records.

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