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Nekrogoblikon: Heavy Meta

The heavy metal/argumentative green creatures alliance endures

It’s great to see a heavy-as-fuck band that can nail an impressive riff on their guitars while not taking themselves too seriously. The first (and probably last) goblin metal band’s newest offering is a surprisingly comprehensive record from a novelty crew.

The Californian natives claim, and this might (definitely) be utter bullshit, that their new offering releases such a sense of joy, “psychiatrists worldwide prescribed audio snippets of the in-progress album to patients in lieu of antidepressants.”

The Goblin rockers even managed to persuade Andrew WK to contribute to their record while drafting in Nicky Calonne and Matt Hyde (Deftones, Children Of Bodom) to produce. Theirs is a sound that can most accurately be described as gremlins on crack, Bring Us More and the title track offering catchy singalongs dispersed between some heavy death metal riffs.

Heavy Meta provides a healthy dose of fun with some rip-roaring tuneage hailing from a planet not too many parsecs from Ziltoid’s home territory./o:p