What’s The Most Romantic Thing CJ Has Done?

Love is in the air, so we thought we’d ask CJ from Thy Art Is Murder to tell us the most romantic gesture he’s offered a lady.

The Australian death metal machine might currently be busy smashing up stages around the world, but that doesn’t mean that their singer doesn’t get the time to lay on the schmooze a little every now and then.

“I’ve done a lot of things for my girlfriend, the current one I have, and I’m sure even though the ex-girlfriends I have that don’t like me and hate me and wish that I was dead for no apparent reason, they will still say I’ve done romantic things,” laughs the frontman. “But recently the most romantic thing that I’ve done for my girlfriend was in Paris.”

“Near The Louvre there’s a bridge called the love bridge or something, that’s got loads of padlocks on the bridge. So I got a lock and wrote my name and my girlfriends name with a big love heart and put the lock on the bridge and threw one key over. And I’ve still got two keys on me now.”

“So I’m going to get my mother-in-law to make a necklace or a bracelet with the keys on it so I can get one engraved with my name and one with my partners name, so I can have a key with her name on me for the time I’m on tour. So that’s probably the most romantic thing I’ve done, cause I never see her.” We’re not gonna lie, that’s actually pretty sweet and a little heartbreaking. Fuck, why did we chop those onions earlier… Thy Art Is Murder - Death Metal 2.0