Weirdly random study reveals truck drivers who listen to rock and metal have more sex in their rigs than truck drivers who don't

Truck driver
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If you're a truck driver who listens to heavy music, then congrats, as according to science, you have far more sex than truck drivers who listen to other genres.

The strange and weirdly random revelation was discovered by American Trucks, who carried out an investigation examining the behaviours and music habits of over 1000 drivers. 

After examining the Billboard Hot 100 chart list since the year 2000, they discovered that 6% of all charting songs contained lyrics relating to trucks, and that the most truck-orientated genre was country music. 

In spite of the genre's frequent reliance on truck-related themes, when it came down to the music preferences of actual drivers, they typically preferred heavier music, such as classic rock, metal, alternative and blues.

The study reads: "These findings discredit the stereotype of truck drivers loving country. After all, trucks are great vehicles for just about anyone! But what do most truck drivers have in common? And do any of their experiences align with their favourite type of music?

"Despite country music having the most truck-related songs of any genre, it sat toward the bottom of truck owners' genre preferences — just 27.7 per cent said it was their favorite. Instead, an overwhelming percentage of truck owners (47.1 percent) said they prefer classic rock. Other favourites were alternative (41.6 percent), blues (41.2 percent), and hip-hop (40.7 percent)."

One of the main shared interests of metal and rock-loving truck drivers was indeed sex. Out of the main total of drivers surveyed, 40% claimed to have engaged in intercourse in their own vehicle, and of that 40%, they preferred heavier music. 

The study continues, "When we asked our participants about experiences they've had in their trucks, over half of them said they've had road rage. And of those, a large percentage said they prefer alternative music (77.4 percent). Maybe they should try some relaxing classical or jazz music instead.

"Many truck owners (40 percent) have also had sexual encounters in their vehicles. Sounds like a country song in the making, right? Maybe — but their genre preferences included mostly blues, metal, alternative, and indie or classic rock."

The more you know! 

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