Wearable sleeping bag aims to wrap up festival fans


The creators of a wearable sleeping bag are aiming their product at festival-goers this summer.

The SLPY was developed by Internet Fusion Ltd, who say it’s ideal for those who want the convenience and comfort of a sleeping bag without the need to carry it around separately.

And with Download, Bloodstock, Reading & Leeds and the TeamRock-sponsored Ramblin’ Man Fair on the horizon, the company claim the product will offer a great improvement to the festival lifestyle.

They say: “Most of us will never climb Everest or trek to the North Pole. We’ll probably never find ourselves in a survival situation – and it’s pretty unlikely we will spend longer than 24 hours without a mobile phone reception.

“SLPY recognises this and makes products for those of us who love festivals, camping, backpacking, couch surfing, sleepovers, snowboarding or any other excuse to embrace the outdoors and have fun.”

For more information visit the official SLPY website.