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We regret to inform you that Wes Scantlin is at it again

Wes Scantlin of Puddle of Mudd
(Image credit: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage)

Let's face it, Puddle Of Mudd's Wes Scantlin is certainly one of rock's more colourful characters. Never failing to deliver when it comes to elaborate acts of pure what-the-fuckery, Scantlin is, for a lack of a better description, one peculiar man.

True to style, in a strange new interview with the Sofa King Cool podcast, the frontman has once again brought attention to himself by breaking out into a freestyle rap halfway through the conversation, and also revealing that he'd like to make a movie with Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst. Because, well...he's Wes Scantlin.

The singer also opens up about life over lockdown, and claims he's had Coronavirus a whopping three times. After declaring to the interviewee that he felt sick following Puddle Of Mudd's most recent tour, Scantlin reveals: "I’ve been tested for COVID. I totally believe that I have contracted the virus two or three times". At least we can thank the universe for small mercies that he's not a Covid truther.

On top of battling the virus, Scantlin says that over lockdown, he managed to write a total of 75 new songs, stating: "I've got 75 songs right now, and I believe that I've got about six or seven just ultra jammers and some killer b-sides. It's just a lot of fun and a little bit more aggressive on this next record".

Then, the frontman delves into his love for hip-hop and recalls his days as a break dancer. Challenged to jump into a freestyle rap by the host, Scantlin comes up with a few lines of dubious quality: 'Easily I approach/ The microphone/ Because I ain’t joke/ Tell your mama to get off of my chip/ I got no time to give her my dick'. What's that you can hear? Oh, it's just Tupac turning in his grave.

Elsewhere, when asked whether he would like a film made about his life, the vocalist says: "I’m desperately trying to get Fred Durst [who helped break Puddle Of Mudd] to get involved, and we can do some kind of a little movie or something.

“A lot of dreams came true in a lot of our lives – even Korn and Staind and Limp Bizkit, and Puddle Of Mudd. It would be a great little movie.”

This isn't the first time Scantlin has made headlines with his unusual behaviour. In 2007, the frontman broke into Elvis Presley's home to take a dip in the late musician's swimming pool, leading him to be banned from the estate for life. When questioned about the offence, he said – whilst dripping wet – "We were just being dumb little rock stars".

In 2015, the singer was arrested after taking a joyride on a baggage carousel in an airport which landed him in a restricted area. Although he was granted bail that same day, he subsequently arrived late to his own show.

And lastly (although there's PLENTY more examples), in 2016, Scantlin devised a plan to scare off car thieves from his West Hollywood home with a fake bomb. Unsurprisingly, his diabolical scheme backfired when it eventually caused a neighbourhood evacuation. Though Scantlin was told-off by police, he was not charged with a crime.

To listen to the freestyle rap, clock in on the interview at 16:55 below.

Liz Scarlett
Liz Scarlett

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