We Came As Romans self-title album No.4


We Came As Romans have confirmed their fourth album is to be self-titled, and it’s released on July 24 via Spinefarm Records.

The 10-track follow-up to 2013’s Tracing Back Roots is headed up with the launch of a single entitled The World I Used To Know.

Frontman Dave Stevens describes writing sessions with producer David Bendeth as “very intense,” adding: “If a song wasn’t great, it was rewritten until it was – and if it still wasn’t great, it was cut.

“We wrote close to 40 songs for this record and only 10 made the album. Beyond becoming better writers and musicians, it made us stronger as a band and as a team.”

We Came As Romans tour Australia later this month then return to the US for a run of shows that ends in August.


  1. Regenerate

  2. Who Will Pray?

  3. The World I Used To Know

  4. Memories

  5. Tear It Down

  6. Blur

  7. Savior Of The Week

  8. Flatline

  9. Defiance

  10. 12:30