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Wayne Static’s last promise to fans

Wayne Static paid tribute to his fans and vowed to keep delivering for them in the last interview before his death.

The former Static-X frontman passed away earlier this month, aged 48. His cause of death has not yet been confirmed, although his widow has said drugs were not involved.

Revolver Magazine have published the question-and-answer session carried out with him just days before his death. He discussed his interest in classic rock music, saying he wished he could sing like Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and wanted to tour with Rush.

He also said Static-X could only reunite if former colleague Tony Campos allowed it, and revealed plans to record an EP because he felt he needed a full year away to write an album.

Answering the final question, “What do you want your fans to know?” Static said: “It’s been a long journey – and I can’t believe I’m still relevant to the music scene. I never in a million years expected all this.

“It’s all because of my fans. I do it all for them; I keep going for them. I want to keep everyone happy and excited. I realise that’s my job. I used to think my job was to rock out with my cock out and shit like that, but that’s not my job. I go on stage and I see people’s faces light up and I see everyone smiling. I’m just really glad that I can provide that service to everyone and take an hour out of everyone’s shitty day, so that they can have a good time and enjoy themselves.

“So thank you to all of my fans for sticking by me. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing till I’m dead.”

After his passing, bassist Campos told of his regret that the pair never got the chance to settle their differences and added: “I held on to a sliver of hope that my old friend would come back.”