Watch this YouTuber switch Metallica and Pink Floyd guitar solos with jaw-dropping results

Bradley Hall playing guitar alongside the cover art to Pink Floyd's The Wall and Metallica's Ride The Lightning
(Image credit: @BradleyHallGuitar | YouTube)

Bradley Hall is clearly a man who does not rest when it comes to metal. 

YouTuber Hall, a self-described “hairy rascal from the UK who makes silly videos”, recently took it upon himself to rewrite Kirk Hammett’s guitar solo in Metallica’s surprise new single Lux Æterna

Five days later, he’s back playing another Hammett lead but with a less critical bent. 

In this video, titled If Fade To Black And Comfortably Numb SWITCHED Solos!, Hall is a man of his word, and takes the iconic leads from Metallica’s Ride The Lightning track and David Gilmour’s other-worldly performance on Pink Floyd’s track from The Wall

“You guys seemed to really dig the Hotel California/Tornado Of Souls mash-up, so I figured I'd follow it up with another one!” Writes Bradley. “I always thought The solos to Fade To Back by Metallica and Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd were kinda similar, and seeing as that they're both also in the same key I decided to make these the subjects of this mash-up.”

Watch, perhaps with quiet reverence at Hall’s work in the clip below.

In other Metallica news – and there’s a lot at the moment, considering there’s a new album and world tour on the way – James Hetfield revealed the inspiration behind the album title 72 Seasons.

”72 Seasons came out of a book I was reading about childhood, basically, and sorting out childhood as an adult," the frontman explains. "And 72 seasons is basically the first 18 years of your life. How do you evolve and grow and mature and develop your own ideas and identity of self after those first 72 seasons? 

"Some things are more difficult than others – you know, some things you can't unsee and they're with you for the rest of your life, and other things you're able to rewind the tape and make a new tape in your life. So that's the real interesting part for me, is how you're able to address those situations as an adult and mature."

72 Seasons is set for release on April 14, 2023.

Simon Young

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