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Watch this extraordinary guitarist play Sweet Child O’ Mine with his feet

Johnatha Bastos
(Image credit: Johnatha Bastos)

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, up pops a man who can play Guns N’ Roses classic Sweet Child O’ Mine from start-to-finish using only his feet.

Johnatha Bastos is fast building a fan-base on social media and file-sharing platforms due to his slick virtuoso guitar playing, a gift all the more impressive when one considers that the talented Brazilian shredder has no arms. 

On his YouTube page, Bastos reveals that he is Christian, and that his channel aims to demonstrate exactly  what be achieved by someone who “loves life, loves God and loves other.” Which sounds like the sort of inspirational message that can only bring more joy to the world. 

There’s more magic over on the guitarist’s Instagram page which was recently out in the spotlight by the popular Masters Of Shred page, which hailed the guitarist as “Brazil’s Super Human Shred Extraordinaire”. You'll hear no argument here.