Watch these wholesome metalheads open the gentlest mosh pit for a lady and her stroller at Sweden Rock Festival

A woman with a stroller in a moshpit
(Image credit: InternetH0F via X)

A mosh pit at this year’s Sweden Rock Festival has gone viral for keeping a lady with a stroller safe amid the carnage.

Footage of the sweethearted pit has been published on X (formerly Twitter) by the account ‘Internet Hall Of Fame’ (@InternetH0F).

At time of publication the post has 18,000 likes and 2,300 reposts.

Reaction to the short video, embedded below, has been universally positive on social media.

“Metalheads and goths are the most lovely and comfy people I know,” says the top reply on X.

“It’s amazing they include the grandma, so wholesome to see.”

Another user adds: “That’s metal family goals right there! Grandma rockin’ out in the moshpit at Sweden Rock Festival is the kind of wholesome content we all need. 🤘”

“Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met have been at some head banging, metal head, thrasher concerts/shows!” says another.

“This is BAD ASS! Rock on!🤘”

The Sweden Rock Festival mosh is far from the first pit to go viral recently.

In October, Dallas/Fort Worth death metal band Frozen Soul got their fans to play fantasy card game Magic: The Gathering in the pit.

“We stay castin spells,” the band posted on X the following morning.

They later added as an explanation: “Someone held up a magic deck in the pit and I made someone play him while everyone else circle pit around them, LFG! Wrecking ball magic madness!”

Metalsucks reported that the game of Magic lasted for “about three or four songs”.

Similarly, in March 2023, Vancouver-based technical death metal act Archspire got their fans to play Twister in the pit.

Singer Oli Peters called the pit “the dumbest shit I've ever done” from the stage and promised a free t-shirt to the winner.

Once the game ended, the band swiftly started their next song, getting the rest of the auditorium to close in on the players and start a proper mosh.

Sweden Rock Festival 2024 was held from June 5 to 8, with headliners Five Finger Death Punch, Journey, Judas Priest and Alice Cooper topping the four-day event.

The festival will return in 2025, from June 4 to 7.

Matt Mills
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