A death metal band got their fans to play fantasy card game Magic: The Gathering in the moshpit

Photos of death metal band Frozen Soul and a small group playing Magic: The Gathering in a moshpit
(Image credit: Frozen Soul: Adam Cedillo | Moshpit: @DumpsterJesus/X)

Death metal band Frozen Soul got fans to play Magic: The Gathering in the moshpit this weekend.

Shortly after the Texan five-piece played the Wrecking Ball Metal Madness festival in Dallas on Saturday night (October 28), videos were uploaded to X (formerly Twitter) showing metalheads playing the card game while surrounded by a swirling pit.

The band acknowledged the footage as genuine in a series of posts.

“We stay castin spells,” they posted yesterday morning.

They later added as an explanation: “Someone held up a magic deck in the pit and I made someone play him while everyone else circle pit around them, LFG! Wrecking ball magic madness!”

Metalsucks reports that the game of Magic lasted for “about three or four songs”.

Frozen Soul, from the nearby Fort Worth area, formed as a band in 2018 and are currently touring to promote their 2023 album Glacial Domination. The album was produced by Trivium singer/guitarist Matt Heafy.

In October, Metal Hammer named Frozen Soul as one of 10 up-and-coming death metal bands every self-respecting metalhead needs to know.

Hammer journalist Matt Mills wrote: “Frozen Soul make death metal all about the cold, and they live the gimmick with their frosty cover art and the dry ice they bring to live shows. The Americans’ debut album, Crypt Of Ice, went down so well that Trivium frontman Matt Heafy produced its 2023 followup, Glacial Domination.”

The Magic moshpit is far from the only crazy antics to have happened in heavy metal crowds this year. Back in March, technical death metal band Archspire got their crowd to play a game of Twister in the pit.

“Guess what time it is, it’s fucking Twister time,” singer Oli Peters told the audience, before adding: “This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever done.” The vocalist later got the pit to crash into the two players during their game.

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