A metal band got their fans to play Twister in the middle of the mosh-pit, and it is absolute chaos

Screengrab of Archspire playing Twister with their fans at a gig
(Image credit: YouTube / Khrom From Hell)

As fun as a mosh pit can be, there's always room for more fun. And that's exactly what Vancouver's own death metal kings Archspire set out to achieve at one of their recent shows. Because who doesn't love a mid-gig game of Twister.

The band started out by getting the crowd to split the room down the middle, but then instructed, "Don't be all in the middle, just you two. No one else, back away", pointing out two lucky mosh gremlins. Whilst the pair got acquainted with each other by spinning at a dangerously fast pace around the space that's been created, vocalist Oli Peters goes to the back of the stage, pulls out the iconic board and declares, "Guess what time it is, it's fucking Twister time."

The winner of the game is promised a free t-shirt, a promise which is quickly followed by the statement, "This is the dumbest shit I've ever done". Right foot blue is the first move to be decided by the spinner, and both happily oblige, albeit not being able to decide which foot is their right foot at first. But then, a curveball as the spinner then lands on wall of death, somehow. Within seconds, the game descends into a mass of stomping feet and sharp elbows bouncing off each other as the riff kicks in and chaos takes over, with the aforementioned players right in the thick of it. But did the board make it safely back to the front? Well, according to one onlooker, it was returned to the band in one piece. Everybody is a winner!

You can check out some fan-shot footage of the event, which you can use for inspiration for what game you want to play at that Spiritbox show you're set to go to.


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