Watch ‘the most brutal mosh pit ever‘ cause chaos in a church

(Image credit: Jan Sochor/Latincontent/Getty Images)

We’ve all been to gigs where things can get a little… intense. But seeing hundreds of hyped-up people crash and tumble to the floor simultaneously is still a vanishingly rare sight, even for those of us with scars and bruises earned in Slayer/Cannibal Corpse/Agnostic Front/DRI/Knocked Loose [delete where applicable] pits over the course of our gig-going lives.

YouTuber Andre Antunes, a talented musician with a decidedly mischievous sense of humour, and arguably too much time on his hands, thinks he has stumbled upon ‘the most brutal mosh pit ever‘  and naturally, having previously soundtracked the frenzied sermonising of wildly-enthusiastic Jesus-dealers and the irate meltdowns of vein-popping ‘Karens’, he wants in on the action.

Billed as ‘The Most Metal Moment Ever’, Antunes’ latest inspired slice of ‘found metal’ sees him overlay grinding riffs alongside a church service hosted by iconic man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the founder and president of LoveWorld Incorporated, aka the Christ Embassy, in Lagos, Nigeria. In the clip, Pastor Chris appears to be dispensing fistfuls of the ‘Holy Ghost’ to his devoted flock, repeatedly urging them to “Take it!”

While we cannot vouch personally for his success in this divine mission, the grainy footage presented here suggests that lobbing chunks of ecclesiastical protoplasm willy-nilly in a crowded room will - and pardon our language here, Sweet Lord - fuck shit up big time.


Given that we’re still in the grip of a global pandemic requiring caution when interacting with strangers, tragically, we may never see such scenes again. Thank you then, Mr Antunes, for preserving this historic moment in metal history for ourselves and future generations.

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