The crazy laughing televangelist from the US election has been turned into a metal song

Someone definitely set the dials to ‘crazy’ when it came to the recent US election. Press conferences outside garden centres, unproven allegations of election fraud, Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye malfunction… every day bought new levels of insanity. 

But the award for the Most WTF? Moment Of The Most WTF? Election Ever goes to televangelist Kenneth Copeland, who mocked Joe Biden’s ‘alleged’ (read: ‘actual’) victory by launching into a weird maniacal fake laugh onstage at one of his Sunday sermons. In fact, he didn’t just laugh, he laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. For 40 whole seconds.  Until it looked like he was either going to bust a blood vessel or the people in the white coats were about to come up and carry him off.

It was only a matter of time before some genius set his worrying outburst to music. Step forward Andre Antunes, who done just that, dropping a doomy tech-metal riff over Copeland’s malfunctioning-andriod cackling.

Andre has previous form in this – he made the recent Karen Metal video and also gave the exhortations of Donald Trump's faith adviser Paula White a rifftastic makeover. But this is definitely his funniest mash-up yet. In fact we haven't stopped laughing since we watched it. Ha ha ha, ha ha haaaargh, ha ha haa haaaaaargh, etc…

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