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Watch epic short film for "dreamlike" Klone single Yonder

Klone have released a brand new song, Yonder, and an accompanying eight-minute short film.

Yonder tells the story of a quest for peace, to an unknown place, far from everything but which seems familiar,” says guitarist Guillaume Bernard. “A dreamlike journey between the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.”

Yonder is taken from the French band’s forthcoming album, Le Grand Voyage, their first for new label Kscope.

“Our music allows the listener to travel and ask, ‘What is the spirit? What is the matter?’ and those kinds of questions,” says guitarist Guillaume Bernard. “The title refers to the wandering of the mind. It all came our singer [Yann Ligner] who came up with something in English like ‘The Great Journey’. 

"We all liked the meaning but weren’t sure how it sounded. Eventually we realised it would be easy enough for people to translate and understand in our native tongue.”

Le Grand Voyage is released on September 20 via Kscope.

Klone: Le Grand Voyage tracklisting
1. Yonder
2. Breach
3. Sealed
4. Indelible
5. Keystone
6. Hidden Passenger
7. The Great Oblivion
8. Sad and Slow
9. Silver Gate