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Watch bass brothers Troy and Kyle Sanders in funny demo

A still from the Orange advert
A clip from the Orange advert

Bassist brothers Troy Sanders and Kyle Sanders star in another funny promo for Orange Amplifiers.

Mastodon’s Troy and Hellyeah’s Kyle offer a half-baked demonstration of the Orange Crush amplifiers in their outdoor studio before Orange rep Alexxx attempts to take over.

Troy says: “My favourite amp is the bass amp. it’s got a plug, you can plug it into the wall”, as Kyle adds: “This one’s got a handle and it can either go on or off.”

The pair proceed to shut down the rep’s sales talk and instead take a series of absurd phone calls – including a confused competition winner and a heavy breather who asks Kyle to take his shirt off.

The Orange Amps promo follows their spoof bass-off in the fictional Orange Amplifier Classic Competition.

For information on Orange products, visit their website.

Troy recently revealed that Mastodon’s upcoming seventh album is “in the bag.”

He added: “We’re just putting a timeline together of when and where. So that’s all coming together now. So 2017’s going to be an incredibly busy and fruitful year in the world of Mastodon.

“I’m fortunate to be able to say that. I’m very excited for what the new year will bring.”

Further release details will be revealed in due course.

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