Watch a corpse-painted Kim Dracula and a zombie dance crew throw down in the fabulously strange video for Seventy Thorns, featuring Korn's Jonathan Davis

Kim Dracula and Korn's Jonathan Davis
(Image credit: Kim Dracula, Chiaki Nozu/WireImage)

Kim Dracula has unveiled a brand new single, Seventy Thorns, featuring Korn's Jonathan Davis.

Kicking off with a thrash-inspired, weighty verse, Dracula belts out sky-high falsetto lyrics including the slicing: 'A little worm (a little worm) / In a sea of shit (in a sea of shit) / Take the wrong turn (take the wrong turn) / In your face I spit'.

Then, showcasing the nu gen artist's affinity for pendulum-swinging between genres, the track plummets into a dark trap beat coupled with a deep bassy, goblin-like vocal tone.

Evolving once more, the track then detonates into an atmospheric chorus joined by Davis, who sings 'I want to be the one who hurts you / I want to be the one that cares / Feelings intense, they’re hard to swallow / It feeds the fear'. Then, the track throws in some honking brass instruments to support the returning thrash-metal guitar riffs.

It's really quite the journey.

The new track's accompanying Jensen Noen-directed visual sees the Australian genre-bending star garbed in characteristically nightmarish attire, looking (and sounding) like a relative of Dani Filth.

To introduce the video, Kim Dracula shows up in a white suit in front of a jazz band and begins scatting - yes scatting. They scat later in the song too, but in more a nu-metal, Korn-inspired style. Meanwhile, they're joined by zombie-ish backing dancers, while they perform in what looks like a desolate underground car park, and sing to Jonathan Davis who's hiding inside a toy opera house, or something. It's all very strange, but seriously striking stuff.

Seventy Thorns follows on from Kim Dracula's previous release, Drown, which was released back in November. 

Watch the video for Seventy Thorns below:

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