Watch a clip from from essential 90s alt-rock documentary Underground Inc

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A documentary which tells the story of the 90s' best forgotten alt-rock bands is due to make its debut at the Doc'n Roll Film Festival on November 12, but you can watch an exclusive clip right now. 

Aiming to give a voice to the bands who helped shape alternative music as we know it, but remain largely uncredited by history, Underground Inc tracks down the decade's unsung bands, speaking to members of Helmet, White Zombie and more.

"We focus on all the bands from around the USA, who broke their backs and blazed trails, and eventually benefitted in many way from the commercial explosion that came from the success of the more commercially embraced bands like Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Primus, Smashing Pumpkins, etc," filmmaker Shaun Katz told us. 

"As you’ll see, however, this also came with a dear price, causing many of these bands to have their careers end prematurely – very much a double edged sword."

The film's idea is to shift the historical idea that Seattle was the only city worth paying attention to in the 90s. "There was an incredibly amazing scene going on in New York and Los Angeles that simply wasn’t being talked about in the middle of all the Seattle mania," says Katz. "In fact there was an amazing blend of styles coming out of every city during that time, not only Seattle. 

"The idea around Underground Inc, is that the Seattle story had been told to death, and I thought it was time for people to hear a bit more about the other bands in cities like D.C. or Chicago during the 90s."

You can see an exclusive clip about the early days of touring, and the film's official trailer, below. Find out more about the Doc'n Roll Film Festival at their official site.

The film's screening will also feature a Q&A with Brian Liesegang – formerly of Filter, Nine Inch Nails and Veruca Salt.

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