Voivod album next year says Away


Voivod are planning to release their 14th album next year, says drummer Michel ‘Away’ Langevin.

The follow-up to 2013’s Target Earth is to appear after the band have completed a series of seven-inch singles. And the material is likely to follow the form of recent track We Are Connected.

Away tells That Drummer Guy: “Right now we’re sort of touring the single.

“We have many split seven-inches coming up this year. One with At The Gates in April, another one with Napalm Death and another one with Corrections House, and so on.

“But eventually we’ll write a whole bunch of songs and compile everything into an album. I would say early next year.”

He says of We Are Connected: “It’s shameless prog rock – but it’s Voivod. It’s what we do naturally. We’re working on two new songs in the back of the bus on the computer and it’s definitely the same direction.”