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Venom Prison team up with The Hundreds for new streetwear range

Venom Prison (Image credit: Jake Owens)

Venom Prison have announced that they’ve collaborated with streetwear brand The Hundreds.

The band and brand have come together with artist Mark Riddick for a specially designed t-shirt, hoodie and sweatshirt, which are now available to purchase.

Venom Prison say: “We are continually inspired by people doing great things with multiple mediums. Collaborating with The Hundreds has been a bucket list realised for our first venture into streetwear. 

“We are inspired by The Hundreds and their work within fashion and editorial, and we hope their influence on culture, whether it’s skate or punk lasts a lifetime. 

“Bringing in one of our favourite current artists, Mark Riddick, into the fold to be on artwork duties for this collaboration was the final missing piece to this unholy collaboration.”

The Hundreds' CEO Bobby Hundreds adds: "I was first introduced to Venom Prison by EJ Johantgen of Prosthetic Records, and was immediately drawn to their remarkable swing and momentum. 

Collaborating with The Hundreds has been a bucket list realised

Venom Prison

“Having grown up in the 90s worshipping metal-infused hardcore, Venom Prison is the yin to my yang, speaking to hardcore-infused metal in a way that bridges generations.

"Also, consider Larissa Stupar’s presence as a woman singer in a death metal band. Her very existence in this male-dominated music culture is a political statement. And, so I was further engaged to Venom Prison because of Larissa’s hard stances against social causes I align with: speaking out against misogyny, rape culture, and racism. 

“Death metal rarely makes an inroads in streetwear, but progressive opinions and outspokenness are the undercurrent of our culture. So, The Hundreds and Venom Prison asked our mutual friend and favourite artist, Mark Riddick, to set our relationship in stone.”

Venom Prison will head out on tour across Europe this summer in support of their new album Samsara.

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