Unisonic tour goes on despite Kiske knee injury


Unisonic frontman Michael Kiske is struggling through the band's European tour after seriously injuring his knee on stage.

The singer – formerly of Helloween – was performing with the group in Kaufbeuren, Germany, at the weekend when he jumped into the air and landed awkwardly.

The result was a cruciate ligament rupture, leaving him wearing a leg brace and facing months of recovery. However, Unisonic’s tour with Edguy will go on as Kiske is determined not to sit out any shows.

In a statement, the band say: “Fortunately, Michael puts his fans before his pain and will continue the current tour with Edguy, no matter what the costs. Although he will not be able to move on stage, Michael says he’s happy that he still can sing for the fans during the next shows. So, don’t fret.”

The tour rolled into Rome last night and the band report it went well. They say: “The show in Rome was great and Michael did an excellent job even with the handicap after his accident. He says he feels good so far and the tour will have it’s next stop in Milan.”