Trout gets new liver at last

Walter Trout has undergone a liver transplant at last – and wife Marie reports he's doing well after the life-saving surgery.

He’s been on the waiting list since it was reported in March that he had 90 days to live unless the operation took place.

Trout has spent the past weeks under 24-hour medical care while waiting for a donor organ to become available. The music community had rallied round with nearly $250,000 raised via his YouCaring page, and a number of fundraising concerts held around the world.

His health ordeal is far from over – and just before he entered hospital he admitted he’ll never be the same again, no matter how his recuperation goes.

But Marie reports: “Walter made it through the surgery with an A+. They are now just watching and cleaning up. Heart and lungs held up great. New liver was a ‘great fit’ and is doing well. Dr Mercer confirmed that they rocked out to Walter’s music throughout the surgery!

“In an hour I can visit with him in the ICU, then I will turn my entire attention to Walter. Thank you for walking this road with me. I have felt your love, energy and support throughout. Now let the healing begin.”

Over the weekend she told how, after weeks of waiting, she’d been given 10 minutes to agree to the surgery while she was shopping for a blanket for her husband. “I wonder why it is, in these situations, that it’s impossible to find parking,” she said.

“I skidded round the hospital lot with Walter on the phone, plotting with him what questions to ask when the nurse called back and I hadn’t made it to the room in time. It was my opinion to accept – from what little information the nurse could give me about the live, it sounded like an offer to grab.”

They accepted the surgery, but had to wait until the following morning for surgery to commence. Marie said: “The incoming liver has to be inspected for damage during transport. It’s very possible to have the surgeon reject it. Dr Mercer declared that it looked to him like Walter was in good shape, and so was the incoming liver.”

Once surgery commenced she said: “We are filled with thankfulness for this opportunity. To the donor and his or her family. To you for your support. To those of you who have signed up as donors – or who already are.”

Meanwhile, Mascot Label Group have released a stream of his latest album The Blues Came Callin’, due for release on June 2 after he refused to have the schedule changed because of his illness. Hear it below. His biography, Rescued From Reality: The Life And Times Of Walter Trout, is also released on June 2.

Walter Trout: The Blues Came Callin’

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