Trading Faces: Slipknot's new masks

In the latest issue of Metal Hammer we have the WORLD'S FIRST photoshoot with Slipknot since their return with new music, new members and new masks. Here's a rundown of the seven new faces of The Knot.

You can read all about Slipknot’s new masks, new members and new music in the latest issue of Metal Hammer magazine.

Corey Taylor

Perhaps the most drastic change of the bunch, Corey’s new face is that of a man torn in two and stitched back together. A metaphor for the band’s struggles, perhaps?

Mick Thomson

Rarely one to change up his look, Mick’s mask has incorporated a few more cracks and gnarled edges to fully round out the Hockey Goalie From Hell look.

Sid Wilson

The gas mask makes a half-return in the form of this gimpish attire that we can only assume has taken some inspiration from that clockwork Nazi ninja from Hellboy.

Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan

The clown face remains, but it is a battered, war-torn shadow of its former self. Still the scariest-looking motherfucker in the band by our reckoning.

Chris Fehn

Is that a metal makeover for our favourite mega-nosed percussionist? We approve. Although we wouldn’t fancy getting that snoz caught in anything…

Jim Root

Jim’s theatrical jester face makes a return and looks even more evil than ever. We can only assume it now also features a special Massive Beard Hole.

Craig Jones

While at first glance there might not be much new to report here, we’re 99% sure those spikes are getting even longer, so approach with caution.

Check out our breakdown of the new Slipknot video.

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