Tracks Of The Week: 20/10/14 - 26/10/14


The year might be winding down with regards to big album releases (except Machine Head, of course) but there's still loads of new music blasting out of the Hammer stereo. Here's some of the best...

Nuclearhammer - Multidimensional Prism Of Black Hatred

Dom Lawson: “This week I have mostly been wanting the entire universe to go fuck itself. This seemed like a suitable soundtrack. Cosmos-crippling black metal perversion.”

Darkspace - Dark 4.19

Jonathan Selzer: This is what it sounds like when universes decide to fuck other universes.”

Dust Moth - Toto

**Merlin Alderslade: **“A delightful, meandering noise for fans of Tool, Deftones and Mastodon. Lovely stuff.”

Slipknot - Skeptic

Luke Morton: “A powerful return from The Knot with an emotive response to the death of Paul and a song guaranteed to unite maggots across the globe.”