Ticket resellers promise more transparency

Secondary ticket sellers have agreed to provide more information to buyers after government body the Competition and Markets Authority stepped in.

Websites including Stubhub and Seatwave have been mired in controversy in recent months, with people from many sectors of the music industry calling for action over the way they operate. Criticisms have included the fact that original ticket prices aren’t listed alongside the reseller’s rate, buyers aren’t told about restricted views, and difficulties with contacting sellers over problems.

Last month bands including Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden backed the Put Fans First campaign in a bid to have ticket sales laws overhauled.

Now the CMA report that resellers have agreed to list original prices, state whether views are restricted, explain whether multiple bookings refer to seats beside each other, full details of additional charges and a contact email address where help can be requested.

The body have provided a summary document explaining the current situation to buyers, and they’ve vowed to push for further changes.

A spokeswoman says: “We want this rapidly-evolving sector to continue to improve across the board so that fans can buy with more confidence. We are writing today to various businesses to set out our expectations.

“We advise buyers to check carefully before they buy, and only use those platforms which give them the information they need. Businesses that do not provide consumers with information they need may find themselves subject to action under consumer protection law.”

Mike Weatherley MP, a leading light in the Put Fans First campaign, tells TeamRock: “This new legislation is a step in the right direction – but falls short of what I would like to have seen implemented. The free market system has broken down as banks of computers facilitate, on occasions, obscene profiteering for intermediaries against the interest of fans, and the wishes of those putting on the event.

I encourage every reader to engage with their local MP to ensure their views are heard as part of the much needed review.”

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