This unlikely yet genius mash-up of Linkin Park and Lizzo proves opposites attract

Linkin Park and Lizzo
(Image credit: Linkin Park, Lizzo)

Whether you're a pop fan or militant abstainer from the mainstream, we're 99.9% sure you'll have come across Lizzo's latest single About Damn Time, because, well, it's just about everywhere right now.

TikTok users are even responding to the trending track with choregraphed dances, particularly during the moment the Detroit singer funkily snaps out the lyric 'In a minute I'ma need a sentimental / Man or woman to pump me up / Feeling fussy, walkin' in my Balenci-ussy's /Tryna bring out the fabulous'. This inherent fabulousness may come naturally to Lizzo, but it's a word that we're also pretty confident has never been used to describe Linkin Park... that is, until now.

So, what is it we're blathering on about exactly? Lizzo...and Linkin Park? What is this multiverse of madness that quite frankly, no one even asked for?

Well, DJ Cummerbund, the internet's favourite mash-up maverick, an artistic visionary who can stitch together unlikely collaborations with impeccable ease, has mashed together the aforementioned pop song with Linkin Park's darkly brooding, Hybrid Theory anthem In The End.

Together, coupled with In The End's pattering drums and atmospheric ringing keys, About Damn Time is rocketed from fierce to pure fire, and despite being on opposite ends of the musical spectrum, these two tracks fit together perfectly. Although, we're pretty sure that's just Cummerbund's sorcery making the impossible possible.

Listen below:

For more evidence of DJ C's magic, find more over on his YouTube channel. 

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