This Red Hot Chili Peppers medley set alongside Indian singing duo the Nooran Sisters is one hell of a trip

Andre Antunes and Nooran Sisters
(Image credit: Andre Antunes)

The internet has offered up some excellent mash-ups recently, many by guitar virtuoso Andre Antunes who, if you aren't familiar with the name, is an expert at unifying unconventional videos with great riffs.

Antunes' latest creation – which sees the musician covering a medley of Red Hot Chili Peppers songs, while vocals from the Nooran Sisters, a duo from India, plays over the top – is another home-cooked delight which deserves our utmost attention.

Why? Well, basically, because it absolutely slaps.

The mash-up consists of a number of Chili songs which Antunes skilfully plays himself, including Throw Away Your Television, Right on Time, The Greeting Song, Otherside and Battle Ship. Meanwhile, The Nooran Sisters are similarly on top form, and sing with impassioned zeal and in perfect unison with the bouncing riffs.

The comments beneath the video provide plenty of compliments too, with one user writing: "Andre... I don't have words bro.. these girls are singing a sufi song and that's a worship song actually and your funk arrangement has not killed the feel rather it has elevated the whole atmosphere. I am listening to this version in my car, in my home, while jogging.. I am just spell bound. I genuinely feel like covering this version for a local sufi performance.. more power to you bro."

Another user marvels at the talent of the Nooran Sisters themselves: "Noori sisters are famous for their jugalbandish. They can sing straight for 9 hours with the same voice intensity. I love the rhcp feels. It's a masterpiece now."

Antunes also issues a shoutout to the duo, and shares his own fantasy of working with them in real life: "To the Nooran Sisters: No pitch correction software was used, and the tempo only shifted 2-3 bpms during the whole performance.

"You are very talented and would love to play this live with you some day. It would be amazing, a whole month touring in India, eating Indian food, that would be amazing, only to end at the Super Bowl half-time performance, with the actual RHChili Peppers."

As for Antunes' other creations, you can find him riffing along to Navy march calls, enthusiastic Christian pastors, pissed-off Karens (aka, entitled middle aged women), and plenty more.

Check it out below:

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