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This rap-metal mashup featuring Disturbed, Snoop Dogg, Linkin Park, Dr. Dre and more is a true gift to the world

DJ Cummerbund
(Image credit: YouTube)

DJ Cummerbund is up to his old tricks again, and by that we mean, he's conjured something up on his decks so tasty that we're hitting the replay button as hard as a heavyweight boxing champ. 

It's not unusual for our dear friend Cummerbund to come up with gold standard mash-ups, but this one is truly a feast for the senses, and deserving of many, many compliments. 

The medley in question is titled DJ Cummerbund - The Next Sickness, and features giants of the nu metal and hip-hop world - including Dr. Dre, Disturbed, Snoop Dogg, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Papa Roach, Nate Dogg, Linkin Park, Kurupt and Limp Bizkit - jumbled together in one big mish-mash of sonic brilliance.

With such a heavy load of different musicians appearing on the mash-up, there's definitely a lot going on here, but clearly, it's nothing that DJ Cummerbund couldn't handle. As the hip-hop legends weave around one other, stripper poles are mounted, audiences get increasingly frenzied, and various nu metal icons are there to bounce into the mix to amp up the energy and nostalgia. It's the epitome of controlled chaos, and we can't get enough!

According to the mash-up master, "a clip of this went a little viral the other day so I decided to make a full version! I think it's about mental health but I'm still not sure."

It appears viewers in the comments are just as impressed with the medley as we are, with one user writing: "I love how you find and blend in super short but epic licks from completely different songs. It. Must take you forever to isolate and blend while keeping everything organized. You’ve got a gift."

While another says, "What makes your Mashups stand apart from everyone else's is the attention to details. The vocal pitch shifts are so clean you can't tell they weren't recorded like that."

Listen below:

Liz Scarlett
Liz Scarlett

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