This is what Metallica's Enter Sandman would sound like if the drums were replaced with James Hetfield yelling "yeah!"

James Hetfield and Leigh Lyons playing the drums
(Image credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images, Leigh Lyons)

Honestly, we can't imagine anyone has ever wondered what Metallica's Enter Sandman would sound like if the drums were replaced with frontman James Hetfield yelling "yeah", primarily because most people have always been more concerned with the drum sounds featured on the 2003 album St Anger. Plus,'s a pretty bonkers idea, no?

But where there's madness, there's always a little genius, and we can't help but squeeze out a grin over the absurdity of this creation by Leigh Lyons.

Posted onto his TikTok account, which presents a "healthy mix of interesting musical stuff and shitposting", Lyons' video shows him playing on an electric drum kit along to the 1991 anthem, but with each pad configured to play Hetfield saying "yeah!". 

Why is this funny, you ask? Well, the 'Tallica fandom over the years has always got a kick out of the frontman's expression, because he says it kind of a lot. And weird stuff on the internet like this is always funny, trust us.

So far, the video has earned over a quarter million views and 34K likes. And there's plenty more weird and wonderful creations on Lyons' page to explore too, including Disturbed's Down With The Sickness with the drums replaced with David Draiman's introductory vocal adlib "Oh ah ah ah ah", Blue Öyster Cult's Don't Fear The Reaper but with a "sufficient" amount of cowbell, and more. 

Watch it below and enjoy:


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