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This guy twerking to Papa Roach in the shower is here to save your Monday

Guy twerks in shower to Papa Roach
(Image credit: @kni__0)

Ah Monday, the starting point to a week full of endless possibilities, or as most would see it, the cause behind those dreaded end-of-weekend blues. The antidote, you say? Well, it’s twerking in the shower to nu-metal sensation Papa Roach, of course. 

Don’t worry, we haven’t completely lost the plot, we just know that the best way to start off any week is to get down to some great music, and Tiktokker KniKni has prepared the finest demonstration available. 

As he aggressively shakes his derrière in the shower, wearing the stylish ensemble of Looney Tunes pyjama bottoms and a black vest, we’re reminded that there’s no greater power than having a good ol’ boogie, especially when it’s to one of the greatest mash-ups TikTok has ever mustered. 

Who knew the union of Papa Roach’s Last Resort and Earth, Wind And Fire’s 1979 hit September could create such a masterpiece? Certainly not us, but with the internet, quite literally anything is possible. 

So there you have it, your quick fix to shake off that Monday feeling. Watch the video below:


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♬ last september mashup - thquib
Elizabeth Scarlett

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