The Korgis release first new album for 30 years

The Korgis
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The Korgis have announced that they will release their first album for 30 years, Kartoon World, on July 16. You can watch the video for the band's latest single, The Best Thing You Can Do is to Love Someone below.

The band famously evolved out of prog rockers Stackridge in the late 70s, although the two bands now operate in unison, last released an album in 1992 with This World's For Everyone. The band are best known for their huge 1980 hit Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime.

Kartoon World is, according to the band, a concept album.

"The whole work runs seamlessly - or sometimes crashes violently - from one track into the next... much as time itself lurches us from euphoric highs, to new lows, the say. "The new album by The Korgis is an epic body of music seamlessly spanning a 50 year period. It begins in 1980 and ends in 2030 with a blinding realisation.

"The world is headed for a colossal fall, and the power of Love - not technology - would be the one undisputable answer!  Journey with us, from the past to the future, and see how we narrowly escape the demise of the human race - or certainly the human race as we know it! With the release of Kartoon World comes a pledge. That pledge begins and ends with Love. It is what the world needs Now!"

Kartoon World will be available as CD, a deluxe double CCD and vinyl (thew latter expected on October 15.

Pre-order Kartoon World.

The Korgis

(Image credit: The Korgis)
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