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The Great Old Ones preview next album

Hail, Ammutseba, Devourer Of Stars! Glory be to Bugg-Shash, He Who Comes In The Dark! Wotcher, Gtuhanai, Destroyer God Of The Aartana! For ye are amongst The Great Old Ones and fellow deities of Cthulhu!

While dwelling in the abyssal and timeless realms beyond the scope of human understanding, these beings first discovered by HP Lovecraft love nothing more than offering glimpses of their unimaginable majesty through their emissaries and namesakes, Bordeaux, France’s The Great Old Ones.

Overwhelmingly atmospheric, TGOO take the fearless flight of black metal at its most glorious into vast new territories, and their forthcoming follow-up to 2012’s Al Azif debut, Tekeli-Li, released on April 16 via Les Acteurs de L’Ombre Productions.

It’s a turbulent and awe-inducing ascent up the mountains of madness and beyond into lush, delirious climes where sanity has no foothold, and we have an exclusive stream – or deluge to be more accurate – of the album in its full splendour right here.

Leave this mundane, mortal plane and enter into the portal below!

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And pre-order the insanely gorgeous special editions here!