The German Panzer detail debut

Supergroup The German Panzer issues details of their upcoming debut Send Them To Hell.

The group, featuring members of Accept, Victory and Destruction, launch the album on November 28 via Nuclear Blast.

And frontman Marcel “Schmier” Schirmer says the cover art fits “perfectly” with their music.

He says: “The artwork was created by Hungarian artist Gyula Havancsák, who also created the recent artworks of Destruction and Headhunter. Together with this great and crazy guy, we have visualized the most brutal Panzer ever.

“You will find a lot of details that you won’t recognise at first sight – hints to our lyrics and stuff that goes deeper than just the first impression. We will show you an intense cover trailer that will show all the fine points of this classical metal art that fits perfect with our music very soon!”

Destruction’s Schirmer also plays bass and is joined in the project by Accept and Victory guitarist Herman Frank, and Accept drummer Stefan Schwarzmann.

Originally introduced as Panzer, the group recently made a slight change to their name following a challenge by a veteran Chilean band of the same name.

Send Them All To Hell tracklist

  1. Death Knell 2. Hail And Kill 3. Temple Of Doom 4. Panzer 5. Freakshow 6. Mr. Nobrain 7. Why? 8. Virtual Collision 9. Roll The Dice 10. Bleed For Your Sins