Accept members form Panzer trio


A new German supergroup featuring members of Accept and Victory have signed to Nuclear Blast Records.

Panzer will release their debut album Send Them All To Hell on November 28. The band features Destruction singer/bass player Marcel ‘Schmier’ Schirmer, Accept and Victory guitarist Herman Frank and drummer Stefan Schwarzmann of Accept.

A trailer teasing the album has been released by the band.

Schirmer says: “If you are a metalhead, you will love Panzer, I’m 100% sure about it. When Stefan Schwarzmann came to me with the idea of putting a band together, I first thought he tried to fool me.

“But the idea sounded amazing from the beginning and after the first meeting with Herman Frank, we realised really fast that this team could really kick some serious ass together. And instead of talking too long about it, we started writing songs right away and within some weeks had half of the album recorded and it sounded wicked.

“We don’t want to re-invent the metal wheel. We play the music we love, easy as that.”

A Brazilian thrash metal band of the same name have objected to the new group’s name. The South American band’s drummer Edson Graseffi says on Facebook: “We are the band called Panzer from Brazil, with 23 years of existence.

“You are using our name and similar logo – this is bringing trouble for us here. Our label and management will make contact.”