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The Defiled star in Lego drama

The Defiled are preparing to kickstart the Sonisphere party this weekend when they open the main stage and they are ready to rock as they ride the momentum of a brand new video.

The video for Infected – which can be seen below – boasts eye-catching 3D animation from the London based Smoke And Guns Productions and it tells a twisted tale of an epidemic infection set against the backdrop of a Lego version of the band playing in a apocalyptic world and a stripper-filled morgue.

And guitarist Aaron Curse falls ‘victim’ to the epidemic chronicled in the video, leading the band to joke that they will have to continue as a four-piece. The track is the third single to be taken from the album Daggers, which was released last year.

Frontman Stitch D says: “We’ve done performance videos, we’ve tried our hand at acting, and our last video did not even have us in it, so we wanted to try something different this time.

“With animation, anything is possible – if we want a helicopter, no problem, if we want a massive machine gun mounted on a jeep, ditto. It might be nice to have real strippers and pyro but for now this does the job nicely.”

Band mate The AvD reckons the new video ‘has got it all’ with a sinister checklist which includes suicide, murder, disease, fire, helicopters, machine guns, strippers and lego.

On Curse’s ‘demise’, The AvD adds: “We are sad to see him go, but you can’t fuck with fate. He is probably down there in hell right now, creeping out Satan and his minions. He will be missed.”

The Defiled: Infected