The Algorithm stream brand new album with Prog

The Algorithm

French electro prog musician The Algorithm, dubbed Djent-Michel Jarre by Prog, has streamed his brand new album The Djent-Michel Jarre of Prog returns with Compiler Optimization Techniques with us. You can listen to the original and eclectic work below.

"Every new album is a chance for change, and Compiler Optimization Techniques embodies this idea with a few different things: Conceiving an album as a whole piece rather than a succession of tracks is a first for the project, and I felt like it really allowed the creative process to be more focused on storytelling rather than a simple sequence of riffs," Remi Gallego, the brains behind The Algorith told Prog. 

"Stretching the atmospheres and tracks up to sometimes 11 minutes was a great way to create this "story" feeling. I didn't want to lose the frenetic, manic aspect of the music, so lengthening the riffs and patterns felt like a natural in the good direction, allowing the structures to be as rich as before, while taking its time to set up the foundations. A good optimization, you could say. :) I like to think that this is also a nod to some of the greatest prog albums of the 70s, namely by Emerson Lake & Palmer or King Crimson. These has always been a great inspiration to me, as a typical 70s prog piece can go through many different atmospheres at once. This hasn't completely disappeared nowadays, but most bands and artists usually do not dare exploring this territory anymore, they chose catchiness instead. It's fine too! But I love to conceive songs as complex journeys that carries you from point A to point Z without you even realizing it, and Compiler Optimization Techniques definitely jumps head on in this concept without ever looking back, as you will never hear the same riff twice."

Complier Optimization Techniques is released today. For more information check out The Algorithm's website.

Jerry Ewing

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