Exodus reveal album guest list


Testament's Chuck Billy has joined Metallica's Kirk Hammett as a guest on the upcoming Exodus album.

The metal veterans release their 10th album Blood In Blood Out on October 13, and they reveal it will feature a vocal contribution from Chuck Billy on the track BTK.

They previously confirmed that Hammett – who was a founding member of Exodus – would contribute a guitar solo to the song Salt The Wound.

Exodus guitarist Gary Holt says: “This was actually the first time Kirk got to play on an official Exodus release. He did the early demo, and then joined Metallica and didn’t do anything with us after that. So he was totally gung-ho about it. He came down and ripped out a bunch of takes and we picked the best one and then had a barbecue and drank beer.”

Blood In, Blood Out also marks the return of classic-era frontman Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza, who has replaced Rob Dukes.

Blood In Blood Out tracklisting

  1. Black 13 (featuring Dan the Automator) 2. Blood In Blood Out 3. Collateral Damage 4. Salt The Wound (featuring Kirk Hammett) 5. Body Harvest 6. BTK (featuring Chuck Billy) 7. Wrapped In The Arms Of Rage 8. My Last Nerve 9. Numb 10. Honor Killings 11. Food For The Worms