Symphony X finish studio work


Symphony X have completed studio work on their ninth studio album, they’ve announced.

And while no release date has been confirmed, they’re keen to see it launched as soon as possible.

The band say: “The mixing and mastering is complete. The process was handled by Jens Bogren, who also did our last two CDs. He did an amazing job as always.

“For the artwork we turned once again to Warren Flanagan, who’s worked on our last two CDs as well, and can be relied upon for amazing work.”

Final details for the follow-up to 2011’s Iconoclast will be arranged over the coming two weeks. They add: “We anxiously look forward to getting it out there to everyone.”

Last year bassist Michael LePond said their latest material would see a return to their classic sound. But he explained: “This album is not going to be as heavy as Iconoclast. If I had to compare this one, I’d say it’s The Odyssey meets Paradise Lost.

“It has a lot of classic Symphony X elements in it. It’s very, very musical – it concentrates on solid songs and great melodies.”

More information will be revealed in due course.