Swedish prog rockers Nightingale to have back catalogue remastered and reissued

(Image credit: Erik Ohlsson)

Nightingale, the Swedish prog rock/metal band put together by Opeth, Threshold, Therion producer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Swanö, are to have their back catalogue reissued through InsideOut Music starting with 2000's I and 2005's collection Nightfall Overture.

Much of the catalogue has long been out of print, some never previously available in certain formats or any properly reworked reissue version. The new reissues are enhanced by extra-material, all re-mastered by Swanö.

Nightfall Overture, a collection of re-recordings from Nightingale's first four albums, which was originally released in 2005 to celebrate the band's tenth anniversary, will be reissued on June 21. I, the band's third album, originally released in 2000, will be available on vinyl for the very first time and be reissued on August 23.

Swanö, who was the singer with Swedish death metal band Edge Of Sanity, who are also the subject of a reissues campaign through the Century Media label), formed Nightingale in 1994 to explore more cleanly sung vocals, adding a more progressive rock sound to the band.

"It’s hard to describe in words exactly how excited we all are about these re-issues for both Edge Of Sanity and Nightingale," says Swanö. "It’s incredible that these albums are finally available again, with the attention to detail they always deserved and with a label like Century Media Records/InsideOutMusic behind us, we know that these releases will turn out amazing in the end and not be so hard to get a hold of like they used to be, and hopefully reach a new audience as well as the old! 

"Personally, I always hoped that there would come a time when I could revisit all these albums and have the time and budget to remaster or even remix them and be able to present them the way I wish they had sounded all along. 

"A lot of time, work and money have been put into making sure we have the best possible version of the original artwork to work with, and we searched everywhere for photographs and memorabilia. Endless hours have been spent talking and writing about these albums, resulting in super detailed liner notes for the Deluxe CD edition. Also, the lyrics have been double and triple-checked, and it was quite amusing to see just how wrong most of them were both in the original booklets and online. The lyrics are in the booklets and on the inner sleeve of every re-issue!"

The reissues will be available in a variety of formats including different coloured vinyl versions, deluxe editions and with extra material.

Nightfall Overture and I are now available to pre-order here.

Jerry Ewing

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