Watch this metal musician mistake a photographer for a technician and accidentally lob a guitar at him

A guitarist throws his instrument onstage towards a man in the background
(Image credit: Sullivan King via Tiktok)

DJ and heavy metal musician Sullivan King has gone viral on Tiktok after accidentally throwing his guitar at a photographer onstage, mistaking him for a technician.

The clip, which was uploaded on February 25, currently boasts upwards of 1.9 million views.

It depicts King, mid-concert, unknowingly lobbing his instrument at the photographer, who then moves out of the way and lets the guitar land towards the back of the stage. Both King and the photographer take the incident in good stride, visibly laughing over it immediately afterwards.

King uploaded the footage with the lighthearted caption: “0 days without incident on the job site.”

The comments on the video have ignited into a debate over whether or not the photographer should have attempted to catch King’s guitar rather than dodge the flying axe.

“I believe the person who threw the really expensive guitar across the stage is ultimately responsible,” says one user, while another argues: “bro just catch the guitar”

“Did he get photos of the flying guitar?” one comment asks, to which King replies: “NAH HE FKN DIDN’T LOL”

Watch the full video via the embed below.

King, real name Keaton Prescott, is noted for making songs which mix heavy metal with EDM and dubstep. He released his debut album, Show Some Teeth, in 2019 and has since put out two more: Loud (2021) and Thrones Of Blood (2023).

King has also released a multitude of EPs, most recently 2021’s To The Grave. He collaborated with famed nu metal band Papa Roach that year as well, along with American DJ Kayzo, on the song Domination.

King is currently touring North America extensively and has shows booked on the continent up until September. However, he also has one European show scheduled for August 1, 2024, at the Dreambeach festival in Retamar, Spain. Guitars will likely not be chucked about during any future performances.


0 days with out incident on the job site

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